Why should I even bother investing in a Website and Online Marketing?

//Why should I even bother investing in a Website and Online Marketing?

It’s never really worked for me before or even now… Sound familiar?

Only yesterday I gave a 10 minute presentation on Successful Internet Marketing – Blow your competition out of the water. Quite hard you might be thinking… As how could you possibly cover such a vast subject in ten minutes, it was actually a bug bear of my own when I was preparing the presentation. I was thinking do I go with the emotional side that I have experienced in my own customers or do I go factual and give the audience practical information and DIY tips they could take away..?

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It dawned on me that from a first impression point of view it was the DIY tips and facts to support what I know works, what my customers tell me works and a sure way to invest, market and grow your business, would be the best approach.

Whilst running through the presentation and noticing the note taking, it was good to see how much was being absorbed, not only those “ah I should try that” looks on faces, but the fact that there was obviously some cool ideas that could be tried and tested.

More often than not, when starting with Online Marketing, Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) I hear and see company’s and individuals where there is no clear strategy or plan in place, remember if you don’t have a goal or target to achieve – really knowing what the end result should look like, then how will you ever get there?

Online marketing is big business, and when done right it delivers big results.
Why and how? Leverage… Doing more with less.

The internet has come on leaps and bounds with Search engines like Google and Social Media, a marketing strategy for many businesses and individuals, its no surprise when you realise the leverage it gives you over traditional marketing.

For example;
If you advertise in a news paper a potential customer may have a number of ways to respond to the advert positively; call in on the telephone number, visit your website or come to your location if you allow public access. You can track each call or if there is a coupon code that must be used, but not the people who respond to the advert indirectly. But this is all dependant on your advert offer being outstanding and you getting it right for your target audience.

Where as if you did the same by creating an advert on Facebook there would also be a number of positive ways that potential customers could respond; Visit your Facebook page, visit your website from a link on your Facebook page, send you an email, leave you a comment on your page asking questions about your product or service. If you have them, a customer could view photos or videos of your products or service. Offering one key difference to traditional marketing, “Interactivity” and direct involvement from your customer at their convenience. Your advertising is real time and can be adjusted as you test and measure instantly, unlike a printed news paper advert where it stays the same as you approved it for print.

Not only will you have interactivity with your customers, offering them the ability to come back on different occasions and build up a great rapport with your company, but through online visitor tracking software, Insights, on Facebook and Website visitor statistic tracking software like Google Analytics you can Test and Measure the effectiveness of your marketing online.

When you understand even some of the basics of what you can track, you soon start to realise the importance of investing in Online Marketing and your website as it gives you hard calculated evidence that you can test and measure against. Some of these measurable statistics include;

  • How many people come to your website – Unique Visitors
  • How long people spend on your web pages – Average Time
  • Demographics including location – What city visitors are from
  • What web pages are the most popular – Pages viewed per visit
  • Number of ecommerce website sales
  • What key phrases people use to find your website – Top search phrases
  • How many people spend no time on your website usually 5 seconds or less – Bounce Rate
  • Plus much much more.

A Story, Local radio…

One of my customers a restaurant who we have designed and developed their website, came to me seeking my opinion of advertising on a local radio station which was about to cost them £3000 (Approximately $5000). They asked me my thoughts, I simply said ask the radio station how many guaranteed calls they will get or at the very least what would be the minimum number of calls they could expect. Because for one, my clients average sale was about £60 so the radio advert would need to bring in 50 customer bookings just to break even. The answer from the Radio station was not surprising… They replied we cannot guarantee any calls not even one.

For me it was great because my client saved £3000 from my advice and were able to invest it else where in their business. This simply cemented the importance of being able to plan and utilise a marketing strategy that can deliver a positive ROI and can be tested and measured.

Ask your self this questionHow often do I test and measure the effectiveness of my Online Marketing and Website? If the answer is well… Erm… not enough or I don’t currently test or measure then that’s cool because now you can start.

Take Action

If you have a website:

  1. Sign up for a Google account. www.google.com/accounts
  2. Add Google Analytics www.google.com/analytics and integrate this onto your website.
    1. Once it is integrated setup goals on your contact forms
    2. If your website is ecommerce enabled (You have an online shop) turn on the ecommerce tracking and start to track your customer conversion rate, sales and much more.
    3. With Analytics you can also track how many people come to your website from other linking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc.
  3. Add Google Webmaster Tools www.google.com/webmasters/tools. Webmaster tools allows you to see what key phrases bring in the percentages of clicks from other sites along with searches.

If this is a little beyond your technical capability, speak to your web designer or me now (0845 2609779 or leave a comment on this blog) and I will help you out.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt when it comes to marketing, which is now a rule of mine, this is… If I can’t test and measure it then why am I doing it? This comes back to the point of Return On Investment (ROI), if you can’t test and measure a marketing activity how will you be able to tell what ROI you get out of the marketing strategy?

If you wish yourself or your business to become Great, you must first learn to become the servant of many, from this you will find greatness in yourself, your team and your customers.

I would love to hear from you and your views on this topic, if you’ve got any great comments or advice to add to this please do. Good luck with your online marketing.


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