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How to create a Marketing Strategy that crushes your competition and allows you to get more leads FAST using Social Media

Thursday 15th August 2019. 9am - 5pm

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From the desk of Leon Streete.
Wolverhampton, UK.

Dear Business Owner,

One of the biggest challenges that businesses have in this day and age is being able to stand out in a crowded market and attract new clients consistently time after time.

And, unfortunately, whilst its the biggest challenge in running a successful business - too many business owners are stuck in their business with results that do not reflect their hard work, and they end up in business not generating enough sales or profit...

Experts who are all talk...

A lot of experts talk about diving head first into using the latest social media trick or feature, but the reality is that most of these people only know the theory. They're not in business actively in their own business crushing their marketing strategy and generating masses of new clients from social media each day.

Meaning they know how to operate the system, but they lack the subtle art of understanding how to 1 - Attract, 2 - Engage & 3 - Close new clients.


Getting Paid.

  • According to PayScale, the Average Small Business Owner / Operator Salary in the United Kingdom is…
    ~~> £30,000

An average income of £30k for business owners is "the problem".

As much as people talk about mastering marketing strategy and social media, only a small percentage actually know what they're talking about beyond "theory", and many have only ever been lucky through market demand or referrals (meaning that they haven't had to try too hard) but eventually even market demand and referrals can dry up.


Unlocking the Secret "STRATEGY & SOCIAL" Formula

To be in a privileged position where you can ATTRACT new clients with ease, going from cold leads right the way to warm and hot PROSPECTS who become CLIENTS, takes a number of clear and concise steps that you will uncover during this workshop.

The formula that will be revealed during your time at the workshop has been responsible for multi-million pounds £ in results and the cool thing is, the steps can be copied for your own business immediately.

What you will Gain by Attending This Interactive Workshop

✅- Discover how to create a Marketing Strategy that allows you to clearly target your exact niche, knowing how to achieve your marketing business goals.

✅- Create an unfair advantage over your competition with the USP Formula. You'll learn how to create a powerful Unique Selling Proposition, which will have your customers seeing your clear benefits before you open your mouth

✅-I will share the 4P's formula so you understand - How to package your signature service or product for maximum profit

✅-You'll learn the exact social media channels to use to generate new leads without having to commit to using all of them at once (which would otherwise leave you with no time to actually run your business.

✅-I will share with you the underground Social Media Magnet technique for Hooking HOT new leads with your posts and videos.

The exact 3 steps for getting more conversations with prospects from social media will take your marketing results from mediocre to generating over 5 figures with our Guerrilla Method Case Study walk-through.

✅-CONTROVERSIAL - But you'll learn the big secret why most business owners websites are broken and do not generate the amount of leads they hope from the links you put on social media.

​✅- Take part in the Full Q & A session answering all of your biggest marketing and social media questions

​✅- BONUS - The full workshop contents and resources will be available after the workshop as part of our online course website, which you will have access to (including all pdf downloads)
✅- BONUS LUNCH - Buffet Lunch, if you have dietary requirements, please let us know


Who This Is For

You have an existing Coaching, Consulting or Service Based Business, you just need more sales in your business, business owners who are looking for a proven system to follow and invest in for rapid growth using sales.

If you are the business owner but wish to send your Marketing/Sales manager, marketing consultant along, this is possible, but you will need to fill in a pre attendance survey to ensure you get the most out of this workshop.

This workshop is for beginners through to intermediate attendees, OR if you've only ever closed less than £100k in a calendar month.

Limited Spaces

This workshop is for 8 people only.

This ensures high focus and attention from me on your business.

Secure your place now by purchasing your ticket.

I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.


- Leon Streete
Marketing Coach &
#1 International Best Selling Author

PS - About Leon Streete

It's with great pleasure that I deliver these workshops and look forward to helping you take your business to the next level.

Leon Streete is an International Number 1 Amazon Best Selling Author for the book "More Leads More Clients" and known as “The Lead Generation Coach” plus Founder of Business Owner Elevation.

A company formed to help Coaches (business, life, executive and leadership), Consultants & Service Based Business Owners, create 6-7 figure marketing campaigns. Are you stuck with the often miss-understood subject of “Marketing?” You’re not alone and I can help you.

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