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Leon Streete is known as the “Lead Generation Coach” and Founder of Business Owner Elevation, a company created to assist small businesses, coaches and consultants with an often miss-understood subject, “Marketing”… This is where Leon’s passion lies. The company reflects Leon’s Vision of both fresh and new ideas whilst being rooted into the principles of direct response marketing.

In 2015 Leon won the Coveted “Best UK Business Podcast Award” and continues to inspire and teach others as a co-host of the Business Owner Elevation Podcast – having previously interviewed the likes of Grant Cardone, Bob Burg, Tom Hopkins and Rich Schefren to name a few

He regularly speaks on stage and in workshops on the topics of;

  • “Why Most Businesses Do Lead Generation The Wrong Way & How to Skyrocket Your Results”
  • “The 3 Secrets To Creating A Marketing Strategy for $1Million Campaigns” and
  • “How to create Wildly Profitable Marketing Campaigns & Get High Paying Clients, Even If Nobody Has Ever Heard Of You”.

All the way from the UK, please help me welcome, Leon Streete…

You can connect with Leon via his website; www.leonstreete.com

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