Live your life to the fullest! …or is living comfortable working for you..?

//Live your life to the fullest! …or is living comfortable working for you..?

The recent news of a family member who is terminally ill reminds me of why our lives are here to be lived to the fullest. A recent meeting and chat with a fiend who is looking for inspiration and business owners looking to hit the next level of success without being drawn back into the business. All different experiences of people in my life and all seeking to achieve different goals.

My life up until now has been filled with many happy and great times and what I have come to realise is that when I have spent time understanding who I am, what I believe in and what I need to work on to become a better me, life succumbs to my desire, my energy and my actions.

Life, whilst it involves so much emotion and soul searching offers you, every day, the ability to work toward your goals and to make every day great. My own times spent with communicating with my wife, son and people in my life have given me so much back in terms of understanding what I choose to take, create and act on in life.

  1. By understanding who you are emotionally and spiritually, knowing your patterns
  2. planning and setting massive goals towards the things you want out of life and
  3. acting on those desires – will set you on the right course in your life.

The path to these goals is never straight forward nor easy, but what I have experienced is that continual focus and having others hold you accountable so that you truly live your life to the fullest is a great way to look back on those days of achievement and see, hear and feel the sense of fulfilment, both shared or as an individual.

Start by looking at the people you consider to be successes in your desired area of life, then plan and work hard to understand how they became successful, learn from those who have gone before because they can speed up your journey. Seriously… go out and find them, then speak with them – after all the worst they can do is to say no, so stay strong move on to the next person and keep driving and living your life to fullest.

My own challenge is now working on achieving my new goals in life at home and in business, continually becoming a better me, leaving behind the legacy of who I chose to be, whilst I am living in this moment.

I hope these few words offer you a moment to stop, think and act on living your life to the fullest.

“Push yourself beyond what you thought possible, you can achieve many great things, choose to step out of your comfort zone and live”.

Thanks for reading.


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