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I’ve just watched the free video gift that Anthony Robbin’s released as part of His 50th Birthday celebration on his website. Boy has this video touched me, it was only in January this year where I had the thoughts of how do I become a great leader, sat in a room of other business owners planning my next 90 days in business, and through the last few months this has become more apparent. How much do I believe in me and how much can I push the boundaries of my comfort zone and grow it? What value do I bring to my family, me and my business?
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What’s your deepest fear? Is it inner belief? How strong is the belief in what you do, and who you are as a person. For me this is an area that I hold closely to my heart, I’ve always had that feeling of greatness and listening to what Tony’s video covers; “that our deepest fear is that we, all of us as individuals, are powerful beyond measure”, this really does inspire me.The words of Muhammad Ali resounding one of my favourite speeches “I am the greatest”, is simply awesome.
I believe in this, and it all comes down to how much we want to achieve our goals, what we see as our vision and how unmoveable we are in achieving our end result whilst being able to adapt when the environment and circumstances dictate it.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below and i will reply.

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