How Social Media controlled the music industry in the UK..!

///How Social Media controlled the music industry in the UK..!

As we move closer towards the end of 2009 it’s a great time to reflect, but not only reflect, but really consider what marketing your business should really do in 2010. In the UK, the Christmas number one for the past 4 years has come as a direct result of X-Factor, a reality singing TV type show.

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Each year millions of pounds (£) in British Sterling has have been poured into the build up of these shows over the course of months, ultimately to create a new money making singer to grow the profits of TV & music companies and executives like Simon Cowell. Now for the first time Social media has shown its true power and a big change has come about.

A group was setup on Face book to fight against the X-factor show in order that a not so typical Christmas number one took the top spot and to some how reflect what society would want – with free will so to speak. The idea personally I think is almost as controlling as X-Factor, and by that I mean it comes down to who has marketed the best and ultimately who achieved a Return On Investment (ROI), in time, people and money.

There were a number of winners here, Face book, Rage Against The Machine, the Group members on Facebook and Business Owners contemplating what marketing strategies they should consider using in 2010. By achieving the UK Music Single chart position one, has shown that through the Time the near 1million group members, People, in the Facebook group spent on getting the single to number one has resulted in £60,000 in Money raised for the charity Shelter.

If you’ve ever wondered what social media is all about now is the time to sit down and find out, or you can talk to us and we’ll guide you on how and where you can use your time effectively online, increase your following of people and earn more profit with the money you can make. Having a clear and focused online marketing strategy can earn you the type of ROI you would normally dream about, in a number of cases you can achieve 15% , which isn’t that bad when you compare that to say a savings account, current rates of around 5% are near top end here in the UK. But there are also many occasions where businesses and individuals have achieved 100% and several hundreds of percent ROI. Just thinking about those numbers can really get your mojo going…

But back to the point, make sure you put together an Online Marketing strategy that you can deliver against on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, as this will help to focus your efforts and ultimately your very own ROI  when you invest in marketing for your own business. More often than not people don’t realise marketing is an investment in your business and a fantastic way of generating cash flow. When done right it will bring in what your company achieves in terms of turnover, so when you think of it in this way, the importance of how you market and your commitment to your strategy becomes even more imperative.

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