I remember those difficult times, the struggle, figuring out what I should be doing next, wheres the next £/$ coming from.

The moments when you’re thinking where do I invest my time and energy to get the best return, or at best – where can I make some money…

And this is the self perpetuated trap… ==>

Chasing money like its running out!

The Clue >> ### Our energy and creativity are limitless. ###

What I found was that once, I had clarity and commitment to DOING SOMETHING!

I wrote down my goals, I then put together a plan that I could go do something about it.

I started to find solutions to my problems.

And in doing so I could help others.

I researched Marketing techniques.

I looked at Sales training, how to sell through being a helpful advisor rather than being pushy!

I invested in #‎Books – yes reading.

I learnt from the successful #‎entrepreneurs‬, by looking into them, not up to them.

I started to seek mentors and coaches so I could reduce my learning time.#‎LearnFromThem‬ ‪#‎Each1Teach1‬

So I could benefit just like an #‎athlete‬ does. You see being an entrepreneur / business owner, our sport is the business.

>> The business of getting results!

If I wanted to hit my targets and go win the medals, I had to put the work in and find people who could push me the extra mile, like athletics coach Glen Mills does for Usain Bolt.

Yes, the most successful have coaches!
(Rant; Annoys me when people say I will do it on my own – Good luck with that sh*t)

Yes I still made my mistakes, crashed on my face, lost customers, lost acquaintances and friends, but you know what..?

I got back up, again and again!

My passion for this life wouldn’t let me stop. Neither would my commitment to my children.

And this was it for me… All the years of going through the Highs and Lows. Something drove me forward.

I could never quite put my finger on it.

But I found what it was, MY PASSION – to help others.

Life had thrown so many successes, losses and distractions at me that I lost sight.

My comfort zone, had become my denial zone and I didn’t even know it.

My ego had been filling me with so many excuses and bullsh*t that I had started to believe it!

But I found my way, by going through my darkest hour.

I had to hit rock bottom to see that the way was only up ^^^

Once I had focused on moving forward towards my vision.

I put the work in.

People gave me a hand up, when they saw me helping my self and offering to help them first!

That’s right even when I had no money.
Remember, I had my energy and creativity.

I found ways and solutions to their problems. I could help!

And I did and I still do to this day.

I want to help and share my knowledge and experiences with you.

I find it amazing to think, that nearly 20 years ago I setup my first website and to think of the great things I do in marketing now.

WOW, I love it!!!

I’m here to help others be successful with their businesses through Sales Funnels and Marketing online.

I teach, coach and speak internationally to start-ups right through to multi-million £$ high net-worth individuals, who are usually business owners, coaches and consultants.

I’m excited with every win each of them make.