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Staying on track – Personal Power

By | 2017-08-26T10:35:15+00:00 October 2nd, 2011|Personal Growth|

As I focus on my recent goals in business, life at home, mentally, physically and spiritually it’s clear about my need to focus on constantly becoming a better me. I mention this to friends, family and customers and it’s one of those things that are more easily said than actually understood and actioned. […]

Live your life to the fullest! …or is living comfortable working for you..?

By | 2017-08-26T10:35:15+00:00 July 30th, 2011|Personal Growth|

The recent news of a family member who is terminally ill reminds me of why our lives are here to be lived to the fullest. A recent meeting and chat with a fiend who is looking for inspiration and business owners looking to hit the next level of success without being drawn back into the [...]

Be x Do = Have

By | 2011-06-12T18:10:14+00:00 August 3rd, 2010|Business Success, Personal Growth|

I had an interesting conversation with a good friend of mine today, talking about what we want and choose to be. It’s interesting because as my business coach always says “life is a mirror” and as my friend was explaining his current frustrations it was so easy to see in myself how I’ve gone through [...]


By | 2017-08-26T10:35:16+00:00 March 2nd, 2010|Personal Growth|

I’ve just watched the free video gift that Anthony Robbin’s released as part of His 50th Birthday celebration on his website. Boy has this video touched me, it was only in January this year where I had the thoughts of how do I become a great leader, sat in a room of other business owners [...]