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Keep the torch burning

So it’s been a while since my last post… I’ve been side tracked with a new business venture and work on my own personal development. Some of the big wins in the past few months [...]

Internet Marketing Strategy – Starting out

So with a number of years experience in this field i thought it pertinent to focus on one of my own ventures Young Cow, focusing primarily on Web Design & Online Marketing Strategy, we’ve worked [...]

Be x Do = Have

I had an interesting conversation with a good friend of mine today, talking about what we want and choose to be. It’s interesting because as my business coach always says “life is a mirror” and [...]

SEO 6 of 7: Back Links – Get your votes in now!

We’re approaching the last few articles in this series and we’re moving into the big action area of SEO. Following on from my blog “I want to do my own Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) where [...]

SEO 4 of 7: Web Pages – For great SEO results.

So the series of SEO and Online Marketing has hit the halfway point, driving your sales, profitability and performance of your online efforts is the end result that I’m taking you toward. Following on from [...]