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I had an interesting conversation with a good friend of mine today, talking about what we want and choose to be. It’s interesting because as my business coach always says “life is a mirror” and as my friend was explaining his current frustrations it was so easy to see in myself how I’ve gone through the same feelings of “numbness” as he put it, I tend to look at it as just floating along with the current rather than guiding your way to your own destination.

The point of the me telling you this is where the conversation lead us, talking about life and business, how to positively influence your family, friends and team, the lives of people around you and most importantly holding that state internally (VAK) when all is great within you, to the point that your skin tingles with unlimited energy, you feel alive, the world becomes a wonderful place and you have that sensation where there is total harmony – abundance.

Often it can be easy to float by, not hooking your self with the abundance that life offers, clouding things with less important stuff, complicating things and procrastinating. I too procrastinate over things, but the one thing that I have become better at is being aware when I’m doing it and to take action faster when I need to.

Who you want to BE is what will determine where you head, what you have and what you become.

The being part is powerful, choose to be the GREATEST, through techniques like, IVVM – Idealise, Visual, Verbalise and Materialise you can achieve many things in life. Positive affirmations and focusing regularly on guiding your own course will in itself prove to be its own motivator in your life as you head toward the thing you want most “Who you choose to BE”.

Once you understand and decide who you choose to BE, you can then DO the things that will allow you to HAVE the vision and live it.

Some of my positive affirmations;

BE (Idealise):

  • I want to positively change peoples live through my teachings and experiences
  • I want to be an inspiration to my wife
  • I want to be a great teacher to my son
  • I choose to be an inspiration to the people around me.
  • I am a great husband
  • I am a great father
  • I choose to have freedom of my time and control of my life through the unlimited options available to me
  • I choose to have great customers in my business
  • I choose to take great action to be my vehicle for success
  • I am committed to continual educational improvement to better myself
  • I am powerful beyond measure

DO (Visualise / Verbalise):

  • Create a vision for you, with your family and your business
  • Create vision boards to see what you really want most
  • Educate yourself and always work on being better, not wishing things were easier.
  • Work on achieving and hitting your goals, that lead you toward your vision
  • Take action and learn from your failings as these will lead you towards success.

HAVE (Materialise):

  • As my journey unfolds those things I aspire to have and achieve come to me
  • Reward yourself
  • Pay yourself first

You can use these techniques in life, at home or in business, and once you achieve those things you aspire to and who you choose to become – remember goals are not set in stone, life evolves and grows organically. With time comes experience and wisdom so re-evaluate these affirmations as you grow spiritually and emotionally.

Raise your game and go for everything you want with spirit and passion.

Thanks for reading.


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