Where it all started…

Growing up as an 80’s baby and being from a mixed race background (English & Jamaican), I had such a vibrant upbringing. With a heavy influence from my father who was into the Reggae Sound System scene, I was destined to follow, especially with my love, for beats and heavy bassline, Bob Marley, John Holt and Freddy Macgregor plus more were part of the music I grew up listening too, so in 1994 I decided to become a DJ.

In 1997 I created my first website off the back of me being a DJ “Disc Jockey“. I wanted to reach out to new fans, listeners and make waves with promoters and record labels. It worked! My passion for music drove my need to be heard and after dj’ing around the country whilst trying to finish up my A Level’s, the music career and Website work were going great, should have perhaps focused a little more on my A Levels!

University life…

So after taking my music career to official record release status, as a music producer, with my music being played on BBC Radio 1 Xtra whilst studying for a Computing degree at the University of Wolverhampton, I managed to secure a 2:1 in Computer Studies BSc (Hons) – Oh yeah baby, letters after my name, well I already had letters before my name in the music scene”DJ” Mistify (And if you’re wondering, the spelling mistake was on purpose to be different and cool!).

Sole Trader – First business

So Music was going well, degree was secured but I wanted more money, so I thought lets setup my first business as a sole trader creating Websites and delivering Digital Marketing campaigns, I was able to land some great clients and started making money whilst holding down a job at the University of Wolverhampton as a Development Manager – Wow this was a great opportunity and I managed to travel around Europe using tax payers money, no wonder things went tits up in 2007 with the economy, the initial project was worth £250,000 (Helping Small Businesses) then my second major project managing 10 staff came in at around £750,000 (Also helping Small Businesses). So that in itself showed me a thing or two about life and work.

Going Pro – Limited company status

In that time I got married, Had a son, Left my Job at the Uni, went Limited with my company in 2008, found personal development – actually started to read books again (hadn’t really read since school days!) that company failed in 2010, restarted another company in the same year “Young Cow Ltd” – new direction, had some more learning to do – took things in a direction more considered and planned, had a daughter, helped a many number of Small Businesses in that time ranging from startup to £15 million turnover. Had some lessons learnt, had some big successes, spoke at a number of seminars teaching people about Digital Marketing over the years and then I had an epiphany.

Giving Back

In 2013 I started working as a volunteer Director on the board for ASAN a local charity in the Area of Wolverhampton that I grew up in for the first 25 years of my life, this would allow me to give back to my community with my skills in order to help the local residents and the new generations coming up.

Living with Purpose

As Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”. So in 2015 I launched two podcasts, Small Business Elevation & Your Business Focus Group, interviewing experts and passing on those great teachings for free on iTunes and Stitcher radio, I entered Tough Mudder, 11 mile 24 obstacle challenge to see what was in the tank at 35 – have a guess what? A lot! Phew and ouch! Was then awarded Best UK business Podcast 2015, not bad since it was launched only 9 months prior! I guess my Digital Marketing and Music Skills were useful after all.

Legacy – It starts with action

Now the journey and my purpose continues… I think differently and I know and believe that every business owner who wants it enough can be more successful with Digital Marketing. It is my duty and passion to pass on my knowledge by communicating and educating my clients, forging ever growing relationships and leaving a legacy on this planet.
Through coaching, workshops, seminars and online courses I can now reach a wider audience and wish to genuinely grow businesses who I come across, now is the time to spread knowledge and love for my calling!