90 Day Business Planning – Are you seasonal?

//90 Day Business Planning – Are you seasonal?

Yesterday I took part in a group planning event run by my business coach Kevin Maddox and his team, Coaches Andy Gwynn, Mary Collin and support from Jessica Bedding in Birmingham, UK. My understanding before the day kicked off, was that I would be going to the day event with the outcome of getting some real value in forecasting my activity for my business over the next 90 days (13 weeks).
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For some of the other 40 business owners who we present on the day, I believe some of the principles were brand new but none the less it was all taken on board. Learning and understanding how to play above the line – (Being accoutable for your actions and to the people around you, Owning your decisions and work, Not passing blame or making excuses) understanding and limiting self sabotage, and learning to deal with your own ego, understanding that you cannot know everything, how can you? “Now isn’t that interesting”.

The day kicked off with reviewing individually our own businesses based on the Action Coach method of looking at Mastery in four defined areas.

  1. Money – The ability to manage our finances, cash flow and ensure our businesses run cash rich.
  2. Time – The ability to get the most out of what you need to do in a timely manner, what I like to refer to as “Doing what NEEDS to be done” NOT what we would like to do or what we want to do.
  3. Delivery – The ability to deliver to customers, each other and within our teams
  4. Destination – Knowing where you want your business and personal life to be in the future (Planning with the end in mind)

Plus these other important business areas;

  1. USP & Guarantee Niche
  2. 5 Way Numbers Niche – Leads x Conversion Rate = Customers x Transactions = Turnover x Margin = Profit
  3. Test & Measure Niche – If you aren’t tracking the effectiveness of your business processes, marketing and other key areas how well are you really doing? Is a rough guess good enough for you..? Well its not for me.
  4. Systems Leverage – The team should be able to run the systems that run the business.
  5. Technology Leverage
  6. People Leverage
  7. 6 Ways to a Winning Team, and
  8. Recruitment Team

After running through an analysis questionnaire covering approximately 5 questions per area it was astounding to then have a far clearer idea than before I started the session on some of the questions I’ve been asking myself on how to pull my business, team and personal goals together in order to move towards my goal of becoming a Great Leader in 2010. What I can say is that I’ve got at least three priorities in each area, so to me that is awesome, things can only get better from here on.

Now having analysed, reviewed and planned for the next 13 weeks on the top 3 priorities in each area, me and my coach have some fantastic areas to tweak and fine tune into a well oiled engine over the coming months and through the year.

What it has also confirmed to me is the awareness and theme we’ve had in my business over the past 3 months “are we adding value to the lives of our customers”. The answer is a strong YES, and through these improvements and goals we need to achieve we will add more value still.

I would whole heartedly recommend planning your business activity over the four 90 day periods (quarters) we have in a year as it will help to break your year up into manageable chunks that you can start to set goals, test and measure and deliver against. Something I like to have as a rule, if you can’t test and measure it should you be doing it?

Our team does this in my company at LAS Design, for our own marketing strategy and Online Marketing services that we offer our customers, but going through a business 90 day planning session has shown me the power in doing this for the business as a whole and for my own personal life.

Some of the Blinding Flashes of the Obvious (BFO’s) that I picked up really struck home with me, so I just want to thank everyone who was there at the event because it was through the responses, comments and thoughts these great people had that lead me to my own “Oh yeah” and “ahhh I get it…” moments.

  • See it
    • Idealisation
    • Visualisation
    • Verbalisation
    • Materialisation
  • The business is a means to an end – A way to achieve reward in life and business, a cash flow vehicle to deliver the lifestyle you want.
  • RICHuals for the team:
    • Ensure your have a regular WIFLE (What I Feel Like Expressing is…) from your individual team members.
    • WOOSH – Get up and move to get rid of the negative stuff
    • Stretch – Stretch to and move to lock in the learning’s

Further Reading:

Did I miss anything?
If you would like to find out more I would love to speak to you and hear from you on your own thoughts for business planning.

Thanks for reading, Leon.

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