Tell your story and customers will love your company

MLKI remember as a boy the stories my granddads would tell me about their lives, with my mother’s father being in the Navy during World War 2 to my dad’s father who originated from Jamaica with stories of the island landscape to catching fish in the local river and working with his trusty donkey transporting lumber (timber) as he would call it.

4Networking, Successful Internet Marketing Presentation

As part of a 10 minute 4Site presentation on “Successful Internet Marketing“, this was delivered to 20 business owners and marketing managers, on Friday 25th November at 4Networking Wolverhampton, the presentation is now available for free download.


Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011

On Saturday 19th November I presented a presentation titled “How do you create a Successful Website?”.

This was delivered as part of Global Entrepreneurship week 2011 to a room of start up and established business owners at Business Insight Birmingham Central Library.

Staying on track – Personal Power

As I focus on my recent goals in business, life at home, mentally, physically and spiritually it’s clear about my need to focus on constantly becoming a better me. I mention this to friends, family and customers and it’s one of those things that are more easily said than actually understood and actioned.

Live your life to the fullest! …or is living comfortable working for you..?

The recent news of a family member who is terminally ill reminds me of why our lives are here to be lived to the fullest. A recent meeting and chat with a fiend who is looking for inspiration and business owners looking to hit the next level of success without being drawn back into the business. All different experiences of people in my life and all seeking to achieve different goals.

Networking: Delivering Your 10 Minute Presentation

As I’ve networked at various events over the years I’ve been able to pick up a few tips on what works best for me, so I thought it might be useful to share this FREE information so that others may benefit from it and you from commenting below may also give me some pointers of where you’ve been successful in delivering your 10 minute presentation at a networking event.

How to get more customers from your website? Conversion Rate

There are a great many number of ways to get traffic to your website but many people fail to look at the one true component of successful Internet Marketing, Conversion rate. Watch the video now.

Keep the torch burning

So it’s been a while since my last post… I’ve been side tracked with a new business venture and work on my own personal development. Some of the big wins in the past few months have been my new business which is currently generating commission’s sales from Amazon as we speak, my new products I’m working on for business owners and entrepreneurs, and some of the great books I’ve read.

New developments will see a new format to my own blog and the launch of my business owner website, Internet Marketing Profit – Focused on increasing profit from Internet Marketing strategies for all subscribers.

There will be some new videos coming up from myself covering some great techniques to help you with SEO, Social Media, Online Marketing Strategy and more.

Thanks for your time and look out for the new goodies coming soon.


Internet Marketing Strategy – Starting out

So with a number of years experience in this field i thought it pertinent to focus on one of my own ventures Young Cow, focusing primarily on Web Design & Online Marketing Strategy, we’ve worked with many types of businesses focusing on some key fundamentals to success online. Profitability and Return on Investment.

SEO 7 of 7: Social Media – Who likes and follows you?

Moving into the seventh part of this series, Social Media Marketing, this is a monster area for Online Marketing and is a vastly growing area. The theme to this series will still be the same, with an end result of achieving a boost in your rankings online to increase sales, leads and revenue through SEO.

SEO is mostly about optimising your website or blog for the Search Engines but through the rise of social media websites these websites have not gone by unmissed by Google, Yahoo and Bing. So to ensure you’re taking advantage of the leverage in people who use these websites I will cover some of the key areas that will point you in the right direction of success online in this growing area.

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